PikPokPeople – Damon

January 21, 2015

PikPokPeople is an ongoing set of profiles highlighting the awesome people that make up PikPok. This week, meet Damon – a game programmer who loves travel and dogs!

Job title: I’m a game programmer!

What do you actually do:
Basically I take concepts from design and art and implement them into a playable game. Since we have small teams, there’s plenty of room to test out my own ideas and challenge existing ideas to see if they are problematic. I also fill the water cooler sometimes.

How did you end up at PikPok:
I actually started here as a Technical Artist (someone who generally writes useful tools for artists). In my last job, I made 3D models but constantly wrote little scripts to make things harder better faster stronger. Took me a few years to realise that a position for people like me actually exists, and so I applied to PikPok!

Best part of working here:
Being a game programmer is not just programming. I end up having a lot of creative input into the games we make and working with other team members, I can influence large parts of the game! Hanging out with cool people is pretty neat too.

What would your average day entail?
Wakeup -> eat -> swim -> meeting -> coffee -> program -> eat -> binding of isaac -> program -> walk -> eat -> socialise/shadow of mordor -> sleep

What do you do for fun:

I play a whole bunch of sports: football, netball, badminton, swimming. I love travel photography, and go on a 3 month holiday every 2 years to somewhere in the world, although it takes years to post-process all the photos! I recently traveled through Europe, and for my next trip I’d like to head to South-East Asia, or maybe return to France! I also like photographing dogs I encounter, I’ve even got a dog blog… Oh yeah, and video games!

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