How to relax: The Slayers Guide

January 20, 2015

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With slayers, so often the focus is purely on how to eliminate the zombie threat most efficiently. Very rarely is the topic of what slayers do in their downtime brought up. So we asked; “How do you relax after a hard day shooting zombies?”

The one thing a slayer shouldn’t do is hit the beach. This was the least popular choice, and for good reason! If you’re laying on the beach, catching some sun, you’re letting your guard down – the perfect time for zombies to attack. Also, have you ever tried to clean sand out of your gun? Not easy!

In second place was enjoying a home cooked meal. While it was pointed out that it may be difficult to cook after the apocalypse, even a meal cooked over a campfire would be luxury after taking down zombies all day. Need to fuel your body so the next day you have the energy to continue the fight!

Overwhelmingly however, was the sentiment that there’s no rest for a slayer! Lowering your defenses, even for a few short hours, is asking for trouble. The best way to relax is to find joy in your mission – to take down as many zombies as possible!

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