Do you have a great game in development for mobile, tablet, and/or PC, Mac or Linux?  PikPok is looking to work with talented developers to help bring fun games to market. 

PikPok can assist with support via production/monetization expertise, finance, QA, usability, distribution, PR, marketing, cross promotion, customer support, and online services. Our experience, technology, and user base can help your game reach its maximum potential.

We work with developers from all over the world and will consider any game, though we are generally focused on free to play games that are targeted at a large audience with the potential to be multiplatform. Please note we are unable to assist with marketing on a title you have already released.

To submit your game for consideration, please email us at submissions@pikpok.com with the following information:

After submitting this information, we’ll review and if interested will request a work-in-progress build of the game to play. Don’t worry if it is rough around the edges or missing features and content — we are developers too and know how to see the potential beyond where you might be currently. We use TestFlight to receive mobile and tablet game builds.

Thanks for considering PikPok as your publishing partner and we look forward to hearing from you.