Tales from the PikPokalypse

July 23, 2014

Welcome to the PikPokalypse! This year for Friday the 13th, we thought we’d have a little fun. We asked our Twitter fans to write a story about the end of the world and hashtag it #pikpokalypse.

Here are some of the super awesome results! People wrote some truly terrifying stories about the end of the world. (It’s not a conventionally cheery topic, I’ll admit.) I love these surprise endings:

Others chose to view the PikPokalypse with more humor, and we cracked up over the creative stories your imagination concocted.

Meanwhile Ѧґ₥ℯϰ’s story sounded eerily familiar… 😉

  Thanks for all your awesome stories, we always have a blast hanging out with you all! If you would like to read more PikPokalyse tales click here! For more cool stuff and quirky conversation, please remember to follow us on Twitter or Instagram. We always love hearing from you all!

Author: Sarsha