PikPok Postcard Exchange!

July 20, 2014

Recently our art team had a bit of extra time and made these (phenomenal) postcards. We were, to put it very lightly, delighted!

I mean seriously, just look at how awesome these are:

PikPok Postcards

We decided these were too cool to just keep for ourselves, so we thought we’d send them to you, while supplies last!

Of course, everything comes with a price… Which in this case is pretty simple: You send us a postcard, we send you one in return!

We love that people from all around the world play our games, so we thought it’d be really fun to visualize that by having a big ol’ wall of postcards from our players! Aka, YOU! We even bought a giant map!

Postcard Exchange Map

…It’s a little boring right now. We’ll fix that though, with your help!

So How Does This Work?

It’s simple!

  1. You send us a postcard
  2. It finds its way across the world to us here in New Zealand!
  3. Once we have it, we add you to our GIANT map and take a photo!
  4. We send you a postcard in return (note: please make sure to include a return address, or this part can’t happen)
  5. It cruises across the globe to you
  6. You receive it, and flail your arms about in a celebratory manner!

Once you’ve received our postcard we’d love it if you also:

Use hashtags #pikpok & #postcardexchange for extra love!

So Where Do I Send My Postcard?

Send your postcards to our postal address:

PO Box 6203
Marion Square

How Long Will it Take To Get There?

The power of precognition is sadly not one of our gifts (despite living in the land of wizards), so we are unfortunately not able to give you an exact date or time in which your postcard will be received, nor when its counterpart will arrive!

…That said, probably about 2-4 weeks each way, based on a sort of hand-wavy estimate of ‘well, seems about right!’ approach that our CS guy says is totally foolproof.*


*Not actually foolproof. Also, possibly made up by CS guy’s boss, in order to divert blame should it end up taking significantly longer than that.


Random Assortment of Words By: Tara J. Brannigan