Training for the Apocalypse – The Slayers Guide

February 24, 2015

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When it comes to zombies, the focus is often on what weapons you’ll use to take them down. Just as important however, is the physical fitness of the slayer holding the weapon! But how do you best train to eliminate the undead? We asked Into the Dead fans to tell us what they think!


The first option is lifting weights. Weight lifting will get you strong, which could be handy for moving heavy things after the apocalypse. Who needs a forklift when you’ve been moving heavy weights! While you might get super strong, it’s not going to be much use when faced with the undead – you can’t conquer a zombie by lifting them!

Next, boxing! This was a more popular option than lifting weights, as it combines cardio and strength training. The ability to effectively punch or kick your way out of a situation is also useful, but is it ideal for taking down zombies? Well, would YOU want your fist (or foot) close enough to a zombie to stop them dead? Probably not!


The winner by far was running. You can tell Into the Dead players know their stuff – cardio is king when it comes to the zombie apocalypse! Being strong is all well and good, but if you can’t outrun the brain hungry beasts you’re done for!

What do you think is the best skill for surviving the apocalypse? Share in the comments below or tweet us your answer!

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