Join Our Team!

July 14, 2014

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Have you ever wanted to work with our fantastically talented team here in Wellington, New Zealand? Now’s your chance to shine!

We’re currently hiring for a wide variety of roles, and would love to see the best talent from around the world apply! Which roles, you may ask? Well if you’re following us on our LinkedIn page you’re probably already well aware, but in case you’re not…

Now Hiring:

The following roles are open to all applicants:

Open to applicants with NZ Residency, or an applicable work visa:

The Job I Want Isn’t Listed:

Apply anyway! We’re always interested in hearing from top talent, and even if we’re not hiring for that role right this moment, there’s always THE FUTURE!

How to Apply:

It’s pretty simple!

Easy enough, right?

Bonus Points: Tweet at us to tell us your favorite game, and let us know that you’ve applied!