Designing Dreams

July 13, 2014

Recently, we had a group of special visitors via Skype to chat about games.

Room 3 at Welford School spoke to Jaques, one of our Project Managers, about what it takes to create a game. As part of a school project to build a game that boosts learning, the kids asked questions about the design process, and listened intently as Jaques shared his experiences with them.


Originally a game designer, Jaques broke down his process from getting ideas right through to developing a game that was ready to be released to the world. The kids enthusiasm for the subject was evident, and Jaques walked them through his world with stories and humor.

Jaques explained how games are a great way to facilitate learning not just game specific skills, but also how learning in-game relates to greater capacity to learn in everyday life. He described how communicating through the environment, rather than spelling out rules, was an effective way to draw in players and create an engaging game.

From the ‘Disney process’ of brainstorming outrageous ideas, to how the Fibonacci sequence fits in, the kids signed off with a better understanding of what goes in to designing and creating great games.

We love to help inspire the next generation of game enthusiasts! If you’ve got something you’d like to talk to us about, please get in touch.