Coach’s Training Session: Country Link Skills

July 11, 2014

Right lads, we need to focus on our teamwork!

We’ve imported some amazing players from across the globe, and many of them have played together in their home nations, and I expect that they’ll have picked up a few unique County Skills that could assist the us in the upcoming International Cup and League competitions!

Country Skills can link together to provide an additional skill bonus to team members from the same country!

You can identify these Country Link Skills by the link icon skill_link_1  skill_link_2skill_link_3on the top left corner of the skill.

These are similar to normal Player Skills, but the additional buffs are added to every other player from the same country and with the same Country Link Skill.

Here you can see an example of the Super Curve Country Link Skill  fkf2_countrylink_example_aftertouch_gold

This skill grants an additional bonus to the kick curve of every player from the same country who also has the Super Curve Country Link Skill. This is a cumulative bonus, so the more players with this skill the larger the bonus for all. This way a well constructed team can perform beyond their normal limitations, and even beyond the set bonuses of their Player Skills.

Country Link Skills work the same as normal Player Skills when there are no other players in the team with the same Country Link Skill to interact with.

Below you can see two players named Ben, who have the same Country Link Skill.


When you have players with linked skills you will see the skill icons highlighted with a rotating halo to indicate it is active. In this instance the Bens are buffing each other for the Belter Country Link Skill.

Additional Country linked players will increase the bonus for all Country linked players. The more Country linked players the bigger the buff in that particular skill.

Should Ben Busch leave the team, Ben Westenra would lose the link bonus but his Gold Country Link Belter skill will now perform the same as the normal Gold Belter Skill.

So lads, in the interest of better international relations, brotherly love, and building an even better team lets welcome the new blood from other nations and really show the world what we are!


By Chris Brown