Flick Kick Football Legends Social Showcase

August 8, 2014

Our Flick Kick Football Legends Teams have been travelling across the globe for the International Cup – so we thought we would travel far and wide in search of the ultimate Flick Kick Football fans. Turns out, we needn’t have bothered – you’re all fans on our Facebook and Twitter anyway!

We always enjoy hearing your hilarious responses and creative strategies. So we’ve collected some of them here in a showcase of our fans creativity!

FKFL Fans2

Team Names

Some of the team names in Flick Kick Football Legends are pretty odd. So we challenged you to come up with your own silly team names! (For the original post click here.) The results were truly awesome. Some fans chose to pay homage to real-life football teams, like Jamie who chose to name his team Ackrington Stanley. Other players decided on a more humorous route – Graeme named his team the London Sillynannies, while Jordan playfully calls his the Buttruffles!


Now, we firmly believe in the talent and artistry it takes to be a Flick Kick Football Legend player. Not only do you have to keep your fingers supple and fast, but you also have to keep your mind alert. It takes a creative mind and cunning wit to make it all the way to the finals! We tested our theory and asked Flick Kick fans to help us create beautiful poetry, and we weren’t disappointed! (See the original comments here!) So may I present, the first collaborative Flick Kick Poem!

We presented our fans with the first three lines…
I hope my team does well this year
Tackle hard and play it fair,
As the ball flies through the air…

The crowd erupts in glorious cheer (Jason),
We will show them no fear (Dalto)
You better cry in despair (Kalyan)

Running back Hank Leer
Intercepts, play of the year
My team won hooray
Next season, best watch your rear (Doc)

My phone dies ‘cause I spilled my beer (John)

Thank you so much to all the fans that contributed to this poem! We’re rather proud of it to be honest.

Signature Moves

Together we’ve created the most epic sounding signature moves, even though I have no clue what these signature moves would actually entail – but doesn’t the Flickity Flanders sound awesome? (Thanks, Josue.) I’m not sure I could ever manage the Flick Flack Back Flip (invented by Jared) but I will certainly admire any player who can! To see more fun signature moves go to our Flick Kick Football Legends Facebook page, or see the post here.

Twitter Love!

And you have all been massively supportive of our new update! We are stoked that everyone is enjoying it. I know our team put a lot of work into making the International Cup everything we wanted it to be, and your feedback has been invaluable!

Come join us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to have a chat and join in the fun! Pictures of Robot Unicorns, Zombies and Wellington guaranteed.

 Author: Sarsha