What to do when faced with a zombie: The Slayers Guide

January 11, 2015

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face zombie copy

Hopefully you’ll never run in to one of the undead in the safety of your own home. If they manage to get in, well, that’s another whole security issue to talk about. For now, let’s stick to figuring out how to deal with a zombie in your kitchen.

First up, your initial response may be to scream. I can’t stress this enough – DON’T SCREAM! Loud noises may attract more, and the only thing worse than a zombie in your house is many zombies in your house.

zombie lounge

So you really have two options – you can run away, or you can stand your ground and fight the rotten creature. Running away is a good option if you have family in the house that needs protecting. Find them, and get to somewhere safe so you can make a plan.

Finding a weapon is something you’re going to have to do eventually, so you may as well get it out of the way first! Rolling pins, chairs, even a broom can work for defending yourself against the undead. Remember – a shot to the head, takes down the undead!

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