PikPokPeople – Loïc

January 5, 2015

PikPokPeople is an ongoing set of profiles highlighting the awesome staff here at PikPok. This is Loïc – he came to PikPok via France, and loves both video games and the outdoors! 

Name: Loïc

Job title: Game Analytics Developer

What do you actually do:

I collect all kind of statistics about our games, analyze that data and try to create meaningful reports for project managers. This helps them to prioritize and address issues (like crashes or unbalanced areas in a game) or understand what the players are looking for so they can plan the next updates accordingly.


How did you end up at PikPok:

I’m from France and quit my job to travel mid-2012. I was looking for a programming position, and PikPok was only looking for a French native speaker to work as a Localisation QA Tester at that time. It was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and I finally got the programming position I wanted in January 2014.

Best part about working for PikPok:

Everybody is really open minded and really comprehensive and helpful when it comes to cultural differences which can lead to some quirky situations.

What do you do for fun:

I recently discovered slacklining which is a lot of fun. I also live video games – I mean, I’m working here for a reason!

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