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April 15, 2015

Meet David – Associate Producer for Rival Stars Basketball! Learn about David’s role in the Rival Stars team, and why it’s so important to him to keep the game fun and fair! 

Job title: 
Associate Producer

What do you actually do: 
I assist with the day to day running of Rival Stars Basketball, from planning and scheduling to reviewing numbers and statistics. There is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes, and I make sure everyone has what they need to get their job done! I am also responsible for helping to monitor the Rival Stars weekly Tournament.

What does an average day involve for you:
The fun thing about my job is that each day can be very different! I get to talk to people in all departments, from programmers to artists and beyond. I often set aside time to ensure the integrity of  the Tournament by removing suspicious players. Unfortunately some people choose to not play fair, so my job is to catch them and make sure everyone has a good time in the game!


What’s your favorite part about Rival Stars:
I’m actually a really big fan of Rival Stars as a player. I’ve been playing since launch and I’ve slowly built up my team over the months. When Super Gold cards were released I jumped right into the draft and luckily managed to draft one of my very own! I love building my team up to be better and better the more I play!

Why is ensuring the leaderboards are fair so important:
Sometimes we have players who try to do dishonest things to win the weekly tournament in Rival Stars Basketball. I’m a player myself, I have the game on my own phone and I play in my spare time. So it’s very important to me to know that everyone has an equal opportunity to win. Games are more fun when everybody plays fair and we want everyone who plays Rival Stars to have a good time!


Most rewarding aspect of your role:
I love seeing players get excited when we release new content. Seeing all the positive comments when we released Super Gold cards was really encouraging!

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