Animal Companions – The Slayers Guide

February 8, 2015

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Zombie slayers tend to lead a lonely life, so it’s no wonder animal companions are popular. Not just any animal will do though – a slayer requires a loyal companion that shares their love of taking down zombies. So we asked Into the Dead players what animal they’d choose to fight by their side!


The classic slayer sidekick is, of course, a dog. Whether it’s your faithful pup or a ferocious wolf, dogs are both good company and cold blooded killers. When your days are spent killing zombies, there’s nothing better than curling up with your canine pal at night. A dog will keep you warm, help you find food, and stay on guard while you sleep – what more could you ask for!

A new twist on slayer sidekicks is a big bird of prey – a hawk! Easily trained, hawks are great for scoping out the terrain to see if there is a zombie threat ahead of you. But as cool as a hawk is, they’re not the best company – have you ever tried to hug a hawk? They’re all beaks and claws!


For something that’s still furry and warm while packing some serious zombie slaying skills, a bear could be just what you’re after! While unconventional, bears were the most popular choice of slayer sidekick. This shouldn’t be a surprise – bears are basically giant, more vicious dogs! As an added bonus, a bear can also double as transportation over distances too long to walk. Who wouldn’t want to ride a bear into a battle with the undead!

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What animal would you want fighting zombies by your side? Share in the comments!