Ask the Coach! Curving Kicks!

August 1, 2014

Right lads, you want to know how to improve your kick curving technique? Well let’s get to it!

Effective kick curving is an important skill to master, but it will take time and plenty of practice in order to perfect your technique!

By curving your kicks you should be able to better avoid opposition players, as well as giving yourself more options when attempting to move the ball up field.

You can curve the ball both left and right with a curved swiping motion. This will cause the ball turn in mid flight.

curve5 goal 4

By increasing the curve of your swipe you will increase the curve in the kick. The trick here is that the curve is affected by the angle of the curve after you’ve made contact with the ball.

These two kicks below will have similar curve trajectories even though the left shot shows a tighter swiping angle.

 curve3 curve2

In order to increase the curve of your kick you need to increase tightness of your swipe after making contact with the ball.

 slight curve more curve

Every player has a maximum limit to their kick curving ability. The more you play the better you will come to grips with the limitations and strengths of each member of the team.

Players with the Super Curve skill  SUPER CURVE SUPER BEND SUPER SWING will be able to curve the ball more than other members of your team. The higher the level the greater the curve they can achieve!

As with anything PRACTICE makes perfect! So hit up the practice mode to perfect your kick curving skills!


By practicing both your passing and shot making skills you soon will be the LEGEND I know you can be!


If you have any other questions please check out the Flick Kick Football Legends FAQ page, or ask a question directly by dropping me a line!

Keep up the great work, lads! – Coach

By Chris Brown