Allow us to introduce… our slick new website!

May 29, 2014

After brushing off the cookie crumbs and tinkering with the wires round back, our new website has emerged from the depths of the internet, simpler, sleeker and more majestic than ever before! (We’re a tad excited – can you tell?)

Our new website is so easy to use it’s this close to being telepathic! But not quite. So you’ll still have to *click* on the FAQs in the support section, which answers questions you haven’t even thought to ask!

But we aren’t just a mind-reading pretty… website. We have amazing games, fun ideas, and epic debates about whether zombies would conquer unicorns in an epic battle for the world! So if those are the kind of discussions you want to be having – make sure you join the conversation in the comments section down below! And if you can’t get enough of our witty ramblings (well, we think they’re funny) – then be sure to check back here for inside looks at the studio, updates to the newest games and features of our amazing fans (that’s you!) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

And also…

Screw it. We’ve already wasted too much time.

Time that could should be spent exploring new content, discovering awesome games and basking in the silver glow of our spiffy new website!
Note: We’re still getting everything up and running, so if you come across anything that’s not quite working right, or you have suggestions for what you’d like to see in the future, drop us a line and let us know in the comment section below! (Although we also accept compliments about our website, this article or our games in general!)