Tales of the Apocalypse Part One – The Crash

September 27, 2014

Tales of the Apocalypse is a series of blog posts where you get to decide what happens after the apocalypse! Read on to find out more…

I woke up to a sore head and darkness. Where am I? How did I get here? I call out into the night but there’s just silence. I need to get outside, figure out where I am. As I move around I can see a dim light shining through what must be a window, so I head there.

Outside, it’s night. I can see shadows of people moving around. Why wouldn’t they have helped me? Maybe they’re hurt. I push through the shattered window and fall out on to the grass. That seemed to get their attention. Maybe they couldn’t hear me when I was inside the wreckage.

This doesn’t feel right. The closer they get, the less I’m sure they’re human. I need to get away from here! But where am I running to? There might be supplies in the helicopter wreckage, but I’m not sure it’s safe to stick around and check.




A – Run as fast as I can away from the strange creatures approaching the crash site?

B -Stick around and search the wreckage for supplies?


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