6 times the Robot Unicorns were just so done

September 10, 2014

If the Robot Unicorns could speak, they’d be telling us that the struggle is real. Here are our top six times the Robot Unicorns were just so done.

The time they jumped over a rock just to crash into another rock

Why do all rocks seem to have a sneaky double just waiting to trip  you up?



The time their majestic leaping failed them

What’s the point in being this majestic if you still fall to your doom?!



The time the space whales judged them with their smug space faces

They never say anything, but you can totally feel their judgement.

Look at its' judgey face. LOOK AT IT.


The time they exploded after crashing into a giant rock 

I mean, who puts floating rocks right there anyway?!



When the Star Giants wouldn’t let them past

Star Giants are always cranky. Someone needs a coffee.



When they flew right in to a pillar of red hot star fire

Just no.



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