Josh – PikPokPeople

August 24, 2015

PikPokPeople is an ongoing set of profiles highlighting the awesome people that make up PikPok. This week we chat to Josh, one of our talented graphic designers. Do you have questions for Josh? Tweet them to us!

Job Title:
Graphic Designer

What do you actually do?

I assist in creating the graphics content required to support all the PikPok titles. This could be Store Images, Cross Promotional ads for other PikPok games, a game logo or icon, imagery for our social media channels or anything else graphics related.


What does an average day involve for you?

I could be working across various projects each day, as we work closely with our Marketing and Community teams to produce graphics content for all the PikPok titles, so there’s always a lot of different stuff going on.

How did you end up at PikPok?

I actually had no idea about PikPok before I applied to work here! When I saw the job advertised it stood out to me because it was so different to most other Graphic Design jobs. I thought it sounded like an awesome opportunity and then yeah, here I am.

Most rewarding aspect of your role?

I get to create design work for all of the amazing games from PikPok! There is such a huge variety of work, so there’s always something new and exciting going on and nothing ever gets boring.

What do you do for fun?

I’m kind of crazy about mountain biking… Outside of work I pretty much ride my bike whenever I get the chance. That and anything outdoorsy.

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