PikPokPeople – Cory and his Dinosaurs

December 12, 2014

PikPokPeople is an ongoing set of profiles highlighting the awesome people that make up PikPok. This week, meet Cory – a recent hire with a passion for dinosaurs! Do you have questions for Cory? Tweet them to us!

Job title: Concept Artist.

What do you actually do: I work with the concept team to develop ideas visually within certain guidelines. Sometimes you work with very little room to play – other times you can go pretty crazy and its all about originality. It involves a lot of generating ideas then whittling them down to a cool, crunchy center. You’ll usually then spend a bit of time polishing that idea up before its passed on to the next person.coryPPP

How did you end up working here: I first applied to work here five or six years ago. They gave me some great feedback on my portfolio and since then I have stayed busy taking art classes and being productive working on my own projects or taking commissions. I have dabbled in painting, comics, story-boarding, editorial cartoons and animation. Recently I got back from Europe where I did an oil painting course in Florence – quite the experience! When this position opened up earlier this year I jumped at it and fortunately it was still available when I got back from my trip.

Best part about working for PikPok: Being part of a team – I’ve been mostly freelancing up until now. Having enthusiastic people and a busy vibe going on always gets the best out of me. Oh, and Fanart Friday!

How does an average day go for you: I’m still too new here to call any day average!

What do you do for fun: Oil painting and figure drawing. Getting out to a bustling cafe and drawing people being people. And making soup.

Tell us about dinosaurs! Haha, I’ve always had a thing for the big (and small) scaly guys. Never quite grew out of it and it’s been a bit of a running theme for most of my life. Now whenever I get some down-time I work on a comic series I’ve created called Saurian Era. Action, fantasy and dinosaurs – what more could you want in a comic? Maybe one day I’ll even finish the darn thing!