Into the Dead® 2 Celebrates the Year of the Dog

February 16, 2018

PikPok’s zombie action sequel releases big Chinese New Year update

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, February 15, 2018 – Leading games publisher PikPok® today released a major ‘Year of the Dog’ feature update for Into the Dead® 2.

In Into the Dead 2, players journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save their family. Armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, players must fend off ever-increasing zombie threats while crossing treacherous terrain. Since launching on October 13 2017, Into the Dead 2 has achieved more than 13 million downloads and has been selected for the Google Play Store’s Editors’ Choice program.

Building on the game’s fan favourite companion feature, Into the Dead 2’s Year of the Dog update sees the addition of dog training, dog skills, and an exclusive themed live event. With all of the in-game companions now available to be unlocked, players will be able to collect and upgrade Border Collies, Bullmastiffs, German Shepherds, and more!


Players can now earn treats and use them to train their canine companions. Training improves a companion’s skills and stats, making them faster, smarter, and better equipped to attack the horde!


There are now four new powerful skills that players can teach their dogs:


From February 16-23, players will have the opportunity to earn a free Golden Retriever companion in Into the Dead 2’s exclusive Year of the Dog live event! The Golden Retriever can sniff out bonus gold in Story mode levels, bringing players good fortune amidst the gruesome apocalypse.

Into the Dead 2 is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at http://l.pikpok.com/itunes/dr2?c=press or from Google Play on Android at http://l.pikpok.com/play/dr2?c=press

A trailer for the game can be viewed at https://youtu.be/4SxSFPYvSS0 and the official website can be found at http://intothedead2.com/

Media and more information can be found at http://pikpok.com/games/into-the-dead-2/. A full press kit for the game including logos and screenshots can be downloaded from http://cdn.pikpok.com/pikpokgames.com/marketing/dr2/Into_the_Dead2_PressKit_HL.zip

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Edouard Favier
Marketing Director
+64 4 471-2638