Polly – PikPokPeople

October 20, 2014

PikPokPeople is an ongoing set of profiles highlighting the amazing staff here at PikPok. Today we’re meeting Polly, one of our Product Managers. If you’d like to know more about what Polly does here, tweet your questions at us!

Name: Polly Storr

Job title: Product Manager

What do you actually do: I lead a team working on one of our titles, and I’m responsible for making sure that we make the best possible game – all while keeping us on time and on budget!


Best part about working for PikPok: Super-talented, driven co-workers.

Outside the office: I read a lot of books. And lift a lot of weights. (Not at the same time). I also make puzzle-based art books.

You can find Polly over on Twitter, posting about what she’s currently reading or making off hand witty remarks.