So you want to be a Runner?

September 30, 2014

Listen up greenie! So you’ve run the Maze and come back. Good work, but if you want to be a real runner you’re gonna need to be faster, smarter, and more agile.

You’d have to be jacked to think that you already know everything you need to get back before the doors shut.

The Maze changes, it wants to trap you! If those doors shut and you’re not back in the Glade, you’re never coming back.

Good thing we’re here to show you how its done.


The rules are simple:

Don’t slow down!

Don’t Stop!

Keep running!

If you see a crate don’t run in to it, it will trip you up and slow you down!

Run around it or slide through it to keep your speed up. They’re old and fragile so they break easily enough.

1 2 3

Speed is not the only thing you’ll need to beat the door.

Use your agility to grab boosts, gems, and coins!

You can jump left or right while in the air. If you’re good enough you can even leap across two lanes in one jump!

jump1 jump2 jump3

You can slide left or right while on the ground as well. Grab those boosts, you’ll need them.

slide1 slide2 slide3

Practice these techniques! They’ll save you time in the Maze and maybe save your life as well.

OK greenie you’ve got your section assignment.

Gear up and remember:

Never stop Running!

Haven’t played the game yet? Get it now!