Into the Dead® 2 to launch on Nintendo Switch™ in time for Halloween

August 31, 2019

Versus Evil to publish the popular mobile game on Nintendo Switch on 25 October 2019

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, August 31, 2019 – PikPok®, developer and publisher of Into the Dead 2 for the App Store and Google Play, today their popular zombie action game Into the Dead 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 25, 2019. Published by Versus Evil, the Into the Dead franchise is making its long-awaited debut on console after amassing more than 100 million downloads for iOS and Android.

The thrilling main story sees players as James, who must traverse the apocalyptic landscape to join his daughter and sister while facing foes even deadlier than the endless hordes of zombies. Known for its console-quality graphics on mobile, the Nintendo Switch will enable players to experience the most visceral and high-fidelity version of Into the Dead 2 yet seen, with vibration and optimised controls adding to the immersion.

All-new features include the sawblade launcher weapon, as well as a ferocious grizzly bear added to the selection of exotic companions that include Malayan and white Bengal tigers and a wolf pack. Unlockable side stories introduce new narratives, characters, and landscapes.

The Nintendo Switch edition of Into the Dead 2 will feature 3 game modes:

Into the Dead 2 will be published by Versus Evil for Nintendo Switch on October 25, 2019.

Media and more information can be found at http://pikpok.com/games/into-the-dead-2/. A full press kit for the game including logos and screenshots can be downloaded from