Into the Dead 2 1.47.0 Update

June 23, 2021

Download the latest Into the Dead 2 Update by following the link provided: Download the latest Into the Dead 2 Update by following the link provided: http://ppok.me/dr2

Welcome to the latest Into the Dead 2 Update!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on optimizations and improvements to not only the way Into the Dead 2 plays but also how it looks and feels. In 2017 we pushed the boundaries of what was capable on mobile devices, and nearly four years after the release of Into the Dead 2, we’re doing it again.

Chapter 1 – Revisited. 

Into the Dead 2 tells the story of a world overrun by hordes of the undead during the first hours of the Zombie Apocalypse. We meet James, a father desperately trying to reach his family and ensure their safety. James must fight his way through scores of enemies and environments to do this, and we’re introducing new elements to make those environments feel more alive. 

In the first chapter of Into the Dead 2, James will encounter new environmental events that develop the world around him as the Zombie Apocalypse unfolds. Not only this but we’re introducing new weather effects and lighting details to give the first chapter a more cinematic feel and immersive experience. 

Need a light? Try some Hellfire. 

Is it us or are things starting to heat up for this 4th of July?

Arm yourself with the Hellfire, a flamethrower custom built to melt the undead masses and the new weapon in our 4th of July Update. Use it’s primary fire to torch your way through hordes of zombies or utilize its secondary blast to fill your screen with fire and leave zombies well-done. 

The Hellfire will be available in our 4th of July event happening very soon. Keep an eye out and don’t forget to bring your strongest weapons! 

Full Notes:

We have been made aware that some players may have encountered an issue in the latest build of our game. If you have experienced any issues in this build please contact our Customer Support team at Support@pikpok.com or via the link http://support.pikpok.com/bug_report. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.