Caring for foals in Rival Stars Horse Racing

December 12, 2019

In Rival Stars Horse Racing players take the reins of a neglected family homestead with the aim to turn their worn-out farmhouse into a thriving equestrian center. A friendly cast of characters assist in this goal as the narrative unfolds. By breeding, training, and racing horses as well as upgrading their homestead, players climb the racing leaderboards and restore their family’s horse management legacy.

Now a brand-new feature brings a new level of realism to the experience, as players can now visit their foals (baby horses) and care for them before they grow to adulthood. This level of attention and care also has a gameplay benefit: foals receive a stats bonus based on the attention received, giving them an edge when racing over horses that progressed straight to adulthood.

Our latest Rival Stars Horse Racing developer update video gives an inside look at the development of this feature, including the care taken to make the art and animations for the foals endearing and realistic.

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