High action original driving game takes players through exotic locales undertaking international espionage.

Take control of the Sceptre – a slick, souped-up, transforming vehicle outfitted with the latest spy gadgets – to drive, drift, and defy death across land, air, and sea. Feel like a superspy, saving the day again and again from threats inspired by the best action and spy fiction, then cranked up to 11.

The nefarious criminal organization CLAW is back with a mysterious new leader, fielding an army of vehicles and experimental technology. But the stalwart Agency has a secret weapon – you! As the driver behind the new Sceptre, you will infiltrate hidden lairs, battle larger-than-life bosses, and find the secrets behind a fiendish plot before it threatens the entire globe. Use weapons, gadgets, transformations, and the help of your heroic Agency allies to save the day – in style.

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