Rival Stars Horse Racing Update 1.31

April 4, 2022

The rollout for update 1.31 has begun! The Update will be fully released on April 6th. As this is a phased roll-out, it may not reach everybody at exactly the same time. Please note reinstalling your game will not provide access to the update

In these update notes, we talk, Diet Plans, what that means, and an awesome update to Live events!

Let’s get into it.

First off, Perk tokens have undergone a name change! Perk Tokens will now be referred to as Diet tokens. 

We know you have all been collecting and hoarding your Diet tokens since the last update! Well now the marketplace has opened up and you are now able to use your diet tokens to purchase a diet plan for your horse!

RIght we hear you, you’re asking, What are Diet Plans?

Diet Plans are a brand new in-game item that applies a permanent buff to one of the racing stats on your horse. (Sprint Energy, Acceleration, and Speed). Players are able to obtain and apply Diet Plans once live events are unlocked at prestige 5.

The maximum number of Diet Plans that can be assigned to a given horse are based on its grade.

There are 3 different rarities of Diet Plans to purchase (denoted with roman numerals) that increase your various racing stats.

Make sure you pay attention to the perk you are equipping as a Diet Plan can not be removed; only replaced with another plan. You can see what Diet Plans your horse has equipped in the new Performance tab found in the Horse details screen, which you can find when selecting a horse in your stables.

We have released a detailed guide to Diet Plans which you can find Here

Let’s talk about Live Events!

We hope you have all been practicing and perfecting your Cross Country Skills because Cross Country is joining the live event’s roster! 

Cross country Live events will work similarly to Racing Live events, using the same ticket entry costs, and separate grade events

While the roster between riding and racing Live Events will rotate, you can expect to see a Cross Country event as a part of the regular roster. The days that Cross Country events will run are subject to change, however, you can expect to see a roster along the lines of the example below.

Don’t forget to train those Cross Country stats to optimize your riding time in preparation for the events.

Cross Country Scoring

Cross country live event scoring will run a little different than the usual scoring you are all used to.

The scoring in the normal mode of cross country will remain true to life. This will not be the case for the Live event mode, While you still want to work towards getting the best time possible, penalties will now add time to your final run time, so make sure you are approaching those jumps correctly to optimize your chance to get to the top of the leaderboard. 

Team Points

So will I still get team points from Cross country? – Yes! Team points and the usual prizes will still be awarded for participating in the Cross Country Live events. This does mean you will need to diversify your team with riders if you want to remain at the top of the leaderboards.