Rival Stars Horse Racing Update 1.25

September 10, 2021

The rollout for update 1.25 has begun! The Update will be fully released on Tuesday 14th of September. As this is a phased roll-out, it may not reach everybody at exactly the same time.

Welcome Cross Country early access

Ride and Jump your horses in the latest game mode to join Rival Stars Horse Racing, Cross Country! Leap over fences and gates with your favorite riding horses to experience the wondrous world of Cross Country. 

What is Cross Country I hear some of you asking? To keep it simple, it’s Time Trials but with Jumps. Scoring is kept true to real life, which means navigating your way through the courses, executing those perfect jumps, and completing the track as close to the set time as possible will land you the medal you are after! Nail these elements and you are on your way to being a cross country champion.

As this feature is still in early access, we will be collecting your feedback and making balancing changes based on the feedback we receive, so keep an eye on your inbox messages and the community page for an update

Training Jump

Now that we have introduced Cross country we can get into the nitty-gritty of enhancing your riding experience. Starting off with Training, we previously discussed the importance of agility training when making those tight turns so now we will focus on training your horse’s jump training, this will be key to regaining your sprint energy after completing a jump on the course. The higher you train that stat the more sprint energy you will recover after landing a Jump, preparing your horse for the next jump.

To train the Jump stat you will need Jump Feed, this can be gained from successfully completing cross country courses and from the marketplace.

What’s coming up?!

We will be running a test for a marketplace in the coming days, keep an eye out for announcements in the community to find out more.